Le Grandi Azioni

  • Ideazione, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Crafts, Books: Piano B Social Design

  • Supporti: libro, manifesti, pieghevoli

  • Anno: 2014

  • Material: Movable Type

  • Le Grandi Azioni was published in the number one of Nemo, the first Italian magazine of therapeutic photography and social action photography.

Capturing memories

Le Grandi Azioni is a project that investigates the meaning of work by using family photography as a means of dialogue and transmission of values between people who work in different commercial activities. The project took place in the shops in the Europa Novacella district of Bolzano involving 52 different realities.

The graphics were based on the technique of woodblock printing to symbolize how stories and personal memories can find a new dimension when committed to paper. 

Festival of Contemporary Resistances

Event organized by a cooperative of nonprofit organizations to encourage interaction in the city piazza, to be used as a public forum for exchange and growth. The program of each edition of the festival includes debates, shows and workshops to attract the interest of the public and stimulate critical thinking and awareness in the youth.  


Discover more: piattaformaresistenze.it


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