Museo Nazionale di Beirut - Basamento

  • Museum Direction: Anne Marie Maïla-Afeiche, 

  • Museography: Antonio Giammarusti

  • Assistant architect: Rita Nakhle

  • Scientific and technical contribution: Grace Homsy-Gottwalles, Marie Lamaa, Nathalie Alam, Isabelle Doumet-Skaf, May Haider, Nathalie Hanna, Marco Samadelli, Silvia Tribolati, Julien Aliquot, Gassia Artin, Karl Azzam, Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet, Maya Haidar-Boustani, Jimmy Daccache, Hermann Genz, Nada Kallas, P.  Joseph Moukarzel, Francisco Núñez, Hélène Sader, Jean-Paul Thalmann, Corine Yazbeck, Jean-Baptiste Yon

  • Project management: Anna Dal Maso, Georges Cherabie 

  • Communication and visibility: Marco Giallonardi

  • Graphic Design and tombs reconstruction: Davide Falzone

  • Outcome: infographics, segnaletica, signboards, exhibition set-ups

  • Year: 2016

Ancient artifacts

The project was commissioned by Lebanon's Directorate General of Antiquities thanks to the support of the Italian government. The restoration team redesigned the basement of the National Museum of Beirut, transforming it into an exhibition gallery for 520 archeological artifacts coming from all over Lebanon. 

The graphics express the museum's rich content through the use of colors, fonts and maps, adopting a modern style that favors clarity and legibility of information.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Italian development cooperation agency

The agency in charge of cultural and technical-operational activities connected to financing and coordinating the international cooperation programs.


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