• Art Direction & Photography: Davide Falzone

  • Web development: Matteo Colombo

  • Output: website, leaflets

  • Year: 2023

  • Material: Paper

Books, words, living letters

Aessebi image brings to mind a gathering point devoted to books. The idea plays on a visual inversion. As we all know, books are composed of words and letters: the graphic project turns such concept around so that letters are transformed into books. In addition to the logo restyling, to the choice of the typeface and to the bichromatic pallette, some paperbooks have been designed, bound and photographed; their shape recaptures the Alphabet letters starting from Aessebi name and logotype.

Aessebi - Library Service Association

Aessebi is a voluntary organization active since 1995, committed to promote cultural, educational and learning activities having books and reading at their core. The Association promotes the gathering and the use of books as a fundamental tool of democracy to disseminate thought and ideas, it develops real projects where the love of books and reading are common values.


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