• Teachers: Davide Falzone, Silva Rotelli, Elena Enrica Giunta

  • Assistant: Matteo Colombo

  • Scuola del Design - Politecnico di Milano

  • Interior Design Degree

  • Accademic years: 2020-2022

  • Material: Paper

An editorial series dedicated to misperception 

Wunderbook is a visual research and an editorial planning journey which involved the students from School of Design in the Politecnico di Milano. In the timeframe of three academic years (2020-22) the students met and interviewed people with perceptual problems and delved deeply into the altered spacial vision they are immersed into. The workshop is focused on the theme of misperception as a planning incentive for an inclusive design with social impact, it has been carried out within a laboratory, during the 1st year of Interior Design. All the work of visual research led to the production of an object book where to explore different visual languages, analogic and tactile predominantly.


Discover more: wunderbook.it

Wunderbook - The exhibition

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