• Art Direction & Photography: Davide Falzone, Silva Rotelli

  • Model: Corinna Nicastro

  • Make-up: Marika Montesano

  • Set Design: Andrea Masetti

  • Year: 2022

  • Output: advertising, postcards, bags

  • Material: Apples

The queen of apples

Apfelfesta is an event entirely dedicated to the South Tyrolean apple IGP. The main subject is a fairy-tale character standing in the South Tyrolean apple orchards overlooking the Dolomites, to underline the link between the product and its territory of origin.

Bolzano Tourist Board

the local tourist board that organizes cultural events and coordinates Summer and Winter tourism in Bolzano.


Discover more: www.bolzano-bozen.it

During the development of the moodboard, we were freely inspired by the nineteenth-century illustrations by Helen Stratton depicting the fairy tale The Garden of Paradise.

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