Erfolgreich trotz Familie

  • Graphic Design, Book and Cover: Davide Falzone

  • Illustrations: Dietmar Gamper

  • Author: Markus Weishaupt

  • Internal pages paper: Fedrigoni Arena Extra White Smooth

  • Cover: threaded hardcover, covered with Peyer Duchesse canvas

  • Print: Fotolito Varesco

  • Print: 2022

  • Material: Canvas

Irony and strictness

The book "Erfolgreich trotz familie" narrates about family-run businesses in 36 stories. The title ironically claims that buisiness success is achievable "in spite of the family".

For his illustrations, the artist Dietmar Gamper uses a sharp and ironic cut, so that the narrative text is highlighted. The graphic work/project emphasises the combination strictness-irony, the typography is essential and austere. The bichromatic palette let the graphite illustrations to surface with the result that the single stories content is enriched

Markus Weishaupt

is an expert in family-run business. He is a consultant for family businesses directed to an international level and is partner with Weissman International. He lectures at FH Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, author of books and articles on the family owned company subject. The idea of an analytical tool of the business model for such a type of enterprise belongs to him.


The hard cover, covered in canvas and white screenprinted, resumes the minimalist typographical direction of the inside.

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