Everyone has the right to a home

  • Idea, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Crafts: Piano B Social Design

  • Media: magazine, booklet, website, poster, flyer, postcards, social media

  • Year: 2022

  • Material: Paper

Inclusion and engagement

The idea is to deliver a message of inclusion in terms of housing.

People were asked to actively participate in the project by being photographed inside small paper installations, in order to approach the theme of housing from a positive and constructive perspective.

The fonts are clean-cut, at times monumental and resolute, like the message of the project itself. The bicolored background is composed of shapes that suggest the geometry of a house, and reference constructivism, intended as a practical application of the arts towards social objectives.

LGNET Emergency Assistance

was created to deal with the housing emergency in the city of Bolzano and is aimed at citizens with a migratory background, both individuals and families.

The project, co-financed by the FAMI Fund aims to prevent the phenomena of serious social exclusion and isolation generated by the housing emergency; individualized paths are based on the resources and needs of each person with the ultimate goal of housing stability, autonomy and inclusion in the area.


Discover more: lgnet-ea.html






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