An imprint of the World in South Tyrol

  • Idea, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Crafts: Piano B Social Design

  • Media: website, poster, postcard, social media 

  • Year: 2022

  • Material: Acrylic

Creative force, identity, collaboration

The visual identity of the project explores a multifaceted imaginary through the material imprint of acrylic colors. Creative force, identity and collaboration are the main meanings on which the visual communication system is based. Creative force as a stimulus to growth, identity in its sense of diversity and therefore of richness, collaboration as an organic system of complementary energies.

An imprint of the world in South Tyrol

10% of the active workers in South Tyrol comes from all over the world. Seven emerging artists met more than sixty individuals and told their stories through the creative languages of photography, video and writing, thus offering a new reading of multiculturalism and the world of work. The project os managed and realized by Volontarius, Bolzano.


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