Save your Tears

  • Idea, Video, Photography, Graphic Design: Davide Falzone

  • Crafts: Davide Falzone, Andrea Masetti

  • Book: Davide Falzone

  • Video Editing: Fabio Falzone

  • Music: Andrea Felli

  • Anno: 2022

  • Material: Water

We are all made of water 

We are all part of a single body, we are all interconnected. Every action we take towards the environment is an action that will have effects on ourselves. “Save your tears” is a series of three posters and a flipbook dedicated to the urgency of tackling climate change.

Mut zur Wut (Courage to Rage)

The Poster Festival aims to raise awareness for global and social issues and circumstances while loosening geographical and ideological boundaries. Having the final exhibition displayed in public space, the Festival is an encouragement to be brave and at the same time a provoking demand for attention. Once a year “Mut zur Wut” transforms the public space to a scene of visual resistance. A niche of freedom in otherwise completely monitored and continuously controlled urban areas. 


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