Rompi il Silenzio

  • Illustrations, Copy: Ketty Parente

  • Logo, Branding: Davide Falzone

  • Year: 2021

  • Project in progress

  • Material: Paper

Be part of a group

The design idea is developed around the concept of being part of a group of women for women. In outlining the visual identity, the communication followed some key concepts: community, rebirth, action, denunciation, to restore an empathetic, incisive and strong image of the space that welcomes, shares experiences and actively counteracts gender-based violence.

Rompi il Silenzio 

Rompi il Silenzio is a space where to share a path of awareness and self determination to get out of violence; it is a space which ensures the welcoming and where all the services a woman may need in such moment of her life are fee-free.

The importance of the message

The creative process took into account the name of the association and its clear and incisive identity. The logo tried to enhance and highlight this message of denunciation, finding its synthesis in a typographic solution that was compact, highly legible and that emphasized the strength of the name-slogan.

All the elements of the visual identity were developed in order to standardize, dialogue and recall each other. It was not necessary to include a pictogram or symbol as the illustration completed the effectiveness of the logo in defining the graphic language.

The typography: strength and firmness of the denunciation.

The research and the choice of fonts have favored the immediate readability of the slogans and the easy use of the informative contents, so that they were functional to the need for reporting and the immediate understanding of the texts. The font of the informative or didactic contents recalls the news events and the stringent reality with which the anti-violence center relates on a daily basis.

Buildable typefaces, such as tone of voice.

Colors: the healing process.


Starting from an existing two-color palette: green and purple, we reflected on the most obvious signs that violence leaves, namely the bruises, which are also the narrative of a healing. It is on this last positive aspect that the definition of colors has developed to highlight a possible rebirth.

Illustrations: an invitation to identify oneself.

The female subjects of the illustrations are faceless figures - violence steals identity - but they have the mouth to express themselves, speak, confront, dialogue and denounce. We are the stories and experiences we share.

The posture of the silhouettes has been designed to convey welcome and safety with frontal and non-aggressive poses.

The compositions of the silhouettes have been designed to be modular, so that the sense of unity and support is always the most important message.

The shapes and colors try to recall the various cultural identities to make the problem of violence against women as universal and transversal as possible.

The sign sought essentiality so that the figures could be filled or emptied according to the content and communication. The vector drawing lends itself to being transposed into different languages, supports and future material declinations.

Communication media

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