Gruppo Volontarius

  • Concept, art direction, graphic design, web development: Piano B Social Design

  • Outcome: branding, key visual, ads, letterhead, businesscards, badge, gadgets, web site

  • Year: 2019

  • Material: Paper

Beyond the surface

Paper is associated with leafing through pages and going more in-depth, to find meaning beyond the surface. In the case of Volontarius, this meaning comes from providing assistance, encouraging participation and sharing. The torn paper evokes an internal tear, but also a past and a change, from which a new beginning can always arise.

Gruppo Volontarius

is a group of professionals and volunteers who offer assistance to people in vulnerable states; ensuring their basic human rights, listening to their primary needs and promoting their emancipation and autonomy in the course of an assisted program. The Volontarius association works in close synergy with social cooperatives River Equipe and ASDI Home.


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